Thursday, June 4, 2009

BLOOD Update

Were laying out all the 16 right now as of late last night while trying to juggle the 9 to 5. These two movies will be packaged together dubbing it the STIMULUS PACKAGE! One will be a 16mm film short from last year called 31 Days In Alaska. The other !6mm film will be the main movie for 2009.

We will release another 16 edit hopefully over the next couple of weeks showing some biiiiiig ass jumps from CO and of course full of deep chowda powda from all over just the way we like to do it!

Cameos, Mikkel Bang, Hemminger, Bartle, Vito, Mitrani, Takahiro Nakai, DTale, Lougee, Smith, Skyler, Dowell, Caldwell and a few others were keeping under the wraps for now.

MikeBangBang Aspen, CO

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