Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jamie Anderson Interview

What do love more than snowboarding?
Swimming in Lake Tahoe.
What is your dream car?
Range Rover, black on black on black.
Who is the sexiest man on the planet besides me?
Umm, that is a tough one. Paul Walker.
What was going through your head before jumping out of an airplane for the first time in your life?
I was like ohhhhhh shit, no turning back now.

Did you write your last will and testimony or call your family?
Nope, I just signed my life away and bam.

Describe the sensation of free falling out of a plane.
Best thing ever!!! You honestly don't care about anything & your so in the moment.

How would you describe your fashion?
I like to be cute but comfortable. Sometimes dress up and sometimes be hippie.
If you were not a pro snowboarder what would you be doing for a living?
I originally wanted to be a lawyer or a nurse but now I would like to be a teacher.
What is an average day in the life for Jamie Anderson in Lake Tahoe during the summer?
Wake up to it being sunny as always. :) Make breakfast, ride my bike to the beach, hope that my friends pick me up on their boat for a little wake surf action, BBQ, and then either go out or go to bed early. Hah!
What can we expect to see out of you for the 2010 season.
I have no idea, watch and see. xxoo

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